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  • Prior to doing the arm chair push ups, make sure to warm up and stretch!

    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Awesome, Robert. Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for variations to my workouts.
    I've been bulking for 10 weeks, and I'm so ready to cut! I ate more "dirty" meals this time and I can feel it. Yech!
    My apologies Amanda, my computer is not working at optimal levels. Anyway, continuing from the chair
    push ups article, remember to always breathe. Also, the exercise should be done with a medium cadence
    (medium pace).

    Just to inform you, the following day my inner and upper chest was sore. The day after that this soreness was
    worse. I hope you try this movement Amanda. I recommend 2-3 sets of 8-10.
    Eh Amanda, Robert Wilson here! I hope all is well! How is your training going? I tried this unique body weight
    exercise. All you need is an arm chair. Very easy. Place both hands on each arm rest with a neutral grip (hands
    facing each other), then move your legs back one to two steps. Okay Amanda, now your ready to do chair
    push ups. I did 3 sets of 12, followed by 1 set of 20, and finally 1 set of 25.
    Thank you Amanda for informing me about testosterone replacement. Actually, I just purchased a natural testosterone
    supplement from GNC called MR-T testosterone catalyst. The company directions are as follows: Take 4 capsules in
    the morning on an empty stomach. This dosage is for non-workout days. For workout days the instructions are
    take 4 capsules approx. 20-30 minutes prior to working out.
    Good, Robert, I hope it helps. Even I take a testosterone booster! I use M-Test...3 capsules in the am and 3 capsules 12 hours later. Let me know if you notice any improvements.
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. Thank you for asking about my elbow joint. It seems to be 100% now. However, if any
    pain starts, I will stop!

    Amanda, this past September 24 my workout consisted of calves and chest. I was disappointed with my routine because
    my strength levels were down. Having to contend with type 2 diabetes, the medication I'm on lowers my testosterone
    levels. The result, being weaker.
    Glad to hear your elbow has healed.
    I know you hate being weaker...have you considered testosterone replacement? I know someone who has to take a shot once a week due to low T and it helps him out in the gym too.
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. I haven't chatted with you for a while. Curious to see how your workouts are going?

    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Hey Robert. Good to hear from you!
    I'm in a bulking phase again (I lost a some muscle over the summer), so I'm tired of eating, lol. My joints are bothering me, they always do when I lift this heavy. Can't wait for it to be over.
    How is that elbow doing lately?
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. How is your training going? Yesterday I only did 1
    exercise, Dumbbell Presses (seated). The workout was as follows:
    2*12 20 lb. w.u. 3*12 25 lb.

    Amanda, as you can see the weights were light as I'm still rehabbing the elbow
    joint injury. This workout went great! I hope your workouts are great as well!

    Your friend,

    Robert Wilson
    Hi Robert,
    I'm glad the rehab exercises are working well for you!
    My workouts are coming along nicely, just some things I can't do yet, they pull at my incision sites. But it's ok!
    My apologies Amanda, I'm going to take this computer in for repairs.

    Again, Part 1- Triceps

    1) Wall Triceps Push Ups 2*5 w.u., 1*8, 1*7, 1*5

    2) Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks 2*10 5 lb. w.u. 1*8, 1*7, 1*5 20 lb.

    Part 2- Biceps

    3) Hammer Curls 2*12 w.u., 20 lb. 1*15 25 lb., 1*14 25 lb., 1*12 25 lb.

    What impressed me the most Amanda was my ability to increase the
    weight of the dumbbell.
    That's great, Robert! I hope that elbow is feeling better now.
    I can't wait to be released to lift heavy again. These high, slow reps make a workout really drag on and on!
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. I hope your training is going great!

    Just wanted to inform you that the rehab work on my right elbow joint is going very well!
    I have some training equipment where I live in Canada. The workout was shorter than
    the previous one, but my strength is improving!

    Yesterday's session consisted of only 3 exercises:
    Part 1- Triceps
    1) Wall Triceps Push Ups
    2*5 w.u.
    Eh Amanda, Robert Wilson. Due to technical difficulties the rehab workout could not be
    completed. Let me continue with the program 3) was the Triceps Dumbbell kickbacks
    2*12 10 lb. w.u., 2*8-10 12 lb. 4) One Arm Reverse Triceps Push downs 2*12 +2 w.u. 2*8-10+1.

    Part 2 Arms-Biceps: Barbell curls 2*12 20 lb. w.u. 2*8-10 40 lb., Seated Alternate Dumbbell
    curls 2*12 10 lb. w.u., 2*8-10 20 lb. and H.C.
    Hey, Robert. Glad to see you working on that elbow. I'm surprised you are able to do triceps push downs, that's good. When my joints are bothering me, that hurts the worst.
    I've only been back at it for a week since surgery and have already done something to my wrist, ugh!
    Today, I'm going to try squats, haven't done that in 3 weeks, so it will be interesting to see how much strength I've lost there.
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. Just wanted to inform you that earlier this week I went to the gym and did some
    rehab work on my right elbow joint. The workout went as follows: Arms-Triceps 1) Triceps Push downs (V-bar)
    2*12+2 w.u., 3*8-12+1, (prior to this I tried 3*8-12+2 but the pain in the elbow joint started that is why I moved
    the pin up one. 2) The triceps dip machine 2*12+2 w.u., 3*8-12+2
    Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. That's great! I'm happy for you! The procedure was a success! Don't worry
    about the muscle atrophy. Your size and shape will come back in no time! Amanda, your legs photo is
    fantastic! I can name each quad muscle! Just amazing!
    Hi ,Robert. I did have my surgery, today I am 18 days post-op. It went really well. I went under the muscle and was very sore for the first 3 days. I'm training legs only with limited exercises, but I'm cleared to REALLY work out at the 3 week mark. I'm so depressed at how little my muscles look right now, though. Thank you for asking!
    Robert Wilson here.

    Thats a great question Amanda! Yes you could superset triceps followed by
    biceps. What this does Amanda is catching your muscles off gaurd. This
    was first introduced by Joe Weider. He called it The Weider Confusion
    Principal. Some trainees don't apply this to their training then wonder why
    their progress comes to a halt. Computer problems are still present.

    Robert Wilson
    Awesome. Thanks again for the information.
    Hi Robert. I finally tried switching the order of my supersets today. I was reluctant to try it because I hate it when my bi's are weaker, but they have now hit a plateau so I thought it would be a good time to try it out. I was happy with this workout. My question is, do I go back to my normal routine next workout, or stick with this for a few workouts?
    Robert Wilson here.

    Amanda, I`m continuing this post from the previous one. Due to technical
    difficulties from my computer I wanted to add this information to the
    former post but the computer would not allow this to transpire. Change
    the order of your superset exercises because the muscles will adapt to
    the routine and you might hit a plateau. Amanda, the computer is
    still giving me problems.
    Thanks Robert!
    When you say "change the order", do you mean superset starting with tri's first, or start with what I usually finish with?
    Robert Wilson here.

    Thanks Amanda for the information you gave me. In case you didn't know
    Amanda, dips are a great triceps movement! Make sure when doing them
    that your upper body is vertical. If you lean forward the chest is brought
    into play.

    As far as shocking the triceps, one good method is to train them on their
    own without biceps. Try this occasionally, then go back to your superset
    Robert Wilson here. Congratulations Amanda! A 25lb. increase on dumbbell
    shoulder presses. Almost 3 times the amount you started with. Very impressive!
    What typical superset combos do you use for your arms?

    Thanks Amanda

    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Thanks Robert!
    On a typical day when Im just going to stick with the basics I will superset dB curls with dips, hammer curls with skull crushers, preacher curls with press downs, and cross body hammer curls with kickbacks.
    Right now I'm looking for a way to really shock my triceps, so any advice on that is welcome.
    I hope your training is going well for you in 2018 Amanda! As I
    alluded to in my previous post, your arms and shoulders are
    impressive! Are there any unique techniques and exercises that
    you employ to achieve your results? I am always open to new
    training ideas for my female clients.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!


    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Thank you Robert! I somehow missed your previous message, I'm sorry! I don't think I do anything much different for arms than anyone else. I almost ALWAYS superset bi's with tri's, training them twice a week. I do try to shock the muscles, too.

    As for shoulders, that used to be my weakest point! Just 15 lb dB presses were difficult and now I'm pressing 40 lb db's.

    For me consistency has paid off.
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