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  • How are you Dhiraj, it's Robert Wilson. Have you been training? If so, tell me what kind of
    exercises you are doing. That way I can suggest other ways to train, or modify your workouts.

    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Dhiraj, carbohydrates come in 2 forms. Simple and complex. Simple, like fruits are used
    fast by the body. Complex, are digested slower. After a workout, ingest some carbs within
    20 minutes.
    The best sources of fats are Avocados, Cashews, Olives and olive oil, Peanuts,
    peanut oil, peanut butter. The very best are Almonds, Pecans, Sunflower oil,
    Fish, Walnuts. Dhiraj, check with your doctor about dangerous fats as they
    can contribute to heart disease!
    Dhiraj, you guessed it. The computer. Keep in mind, although eggs are the best source
    of protein, if you have problems with cholesterol check with your doctor.

    Carbohydrates are needed to fuel your workouts. They are the best energy source for
    the body. Glucose, a form of carbohydrate is the main source of energy for the brain.
    and low levels can affect mood, personality, and mental ability.
    My apologies Dhiraj. This computer I'm using is not working very well. Let me
    continue with the discussion on nutrition. Good sources of protein are as follows:
    Eggs(whole), Fish, Lean beef, Cow's milk, Brown rice, White rice, Soybeans,
    Whole-grain wheat, Peanuts, Dry beans and White potato. Dhiraj, the list of foods
    go from best to worst.
    Eh Dhiraj, it's Robert Wilson. In regards to your question on nutrition for hybrid training, I think you
    can't go wrong following a basic bodybuilding diet that consists of protein, carbohydrates and good
    fats. Dhiraj, increase your protein intake. In order to build muscle, you need more protein. Without
    this increase, your body (muscles) will not grow much or at all.
    Welcome Dhiraj Rajput to greatestphysiques.com This is Robert Wilson, former personal trainer. How is life in India?
    Have you started working out yet? One way to start training is by doing body weight exercises e.g. push ups and
    body weight squats. Do you belong to a gym in India?

    Robert Wilson

    Former Personal Trainer
    Dhiraj Rajput
    Dhiraj Rajput
    Sir India is a good country but my life is struggle full because I don't afford any supply meant .
    Can we connect on WhatsApp 8218220460 or twiter Dhiraj thakur because we are share every information about body building .
    Per day dirnk 500 ml milk for mussels gro and halty for your skin
    Robert Wilson
    Eh Dhiraj Rajput, it's Robert Wilson. I see you are having trouble with the English language. This sentence should
    be I drink 500 ml of milk in order to make my muscles grow. The milk is also healthy for the skin.
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