A new training method

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I hope everyone at Greatest Physiques are doing great! It's Robert Wilson. Currently, I'm studying a new method of
training. It is called Max Contraction Training. After completing my studies, I will post an instructional article on
this new training protocol.

Train hard, but smart!

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer

Aesthetic Agonist

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I'd be interested to know your thoughts on MCT @Robert Wilson. There's a lot of convincing literature to show that higher load volumes are superior for muscle mass, and that rep times of 2-6 seconds show no difference in protein synthesis rates but longer (10 seconds plus) reps decreases load volume, showing a 'one-rep' system could potentially be limiting.

There was also the debate between Hahn and Schoenfeld from Epic Fitness in the UK that debated this very subject. Could be worth checking out.

Looking forward to your thoughts.