A tri set

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I hope everyone at Greatest Physiques had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I've been doing some research on biceps training and I would like to impart some of
these findings to the members on this site.

Larry Scott, our first Mr. Olympia had arguably the best arms in bodybuilding history!
Phenomenal biceps, triceps, and forearms that the majority of bodybuilders would
envy. The complete package and in perfect balance!

Larry was known for building up his biceps by primarily using the preacher bench.
He would often use tri sets to accomplish this. Remember that a super set, tri set
and giant sets were done with little rest between each set.

Larry would do 3 exercises in a row as follows:

1) The first being two arm dumbbell curls.

2) Immediately followed by barbell curls.

3) Finally EZ reverse curls.

All 3 exercises would be known as 1 series after being completed. He would perform
3-5 series. After 1 series a 1-2 minute break was needed. When a complete rep
could not be done, partial reps or burns were performed. Could any of you imagine
how spent Larry's biceps were?

Note: Larry stressed the importance of building up the strength of the forearms.
With stronger forearms he would literally wrist curl the weights up in order
to get the poundage lifted. A combination of biceps and forearm strength.

To my fellow members I recommend doing the first exercise only. As you become
more proficient, do the super set with exercises 1 and 2. If a longer rest time is
required, don't worry. As you keep at it, this time interval will decrease.

Finally, we come to the tri set, where all 3 exercises are incorporated. Initially, do
just one tri set series. As your conditioning improves, I suggest 2-3 series. Give
yourselves enough time to recover after each series. Don't worry if your taking
too long after each series. In time this will improve. If you'd like to take the
extra time, then that's fine. Great benefits will still be forthcoming.


This tri set protocol is very intense! Use caution and remember to breathe and
stretch. Use a spotter.

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer