Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I'd like to welcome everyone to Greatest Physiques. Aerobics is a very important part of training. Cardio works the heart
and lungs, thus improving one's workout!

The word aerobic comes from the Greek word meaning with air. Because aerobics are of a low intensity, a trainee can
go for extended periods of time. Another benefit is burning calories, thus losing body fat.

Of course, the opposite to aerobic is anaerobic. With anaerobic exercise e.g. sprints, oxygen is burned at optimal levels.
This creates an oxygen debt. At this stage, the body shuts down. This is why nobody can sprint a mile.

What follows is a list of aerobic activities and the calories burned done for 30 minutes:

Running (10 mph) calories burned 450
Bicycling (15 mph) calories burned 300
Handball or Racquetball calories burned 300
Swimming (2 1/2 mph) calories burned 275
Fast Dancing calories burned 240
Walking (2 mph) calories burned 140

These are but a few aerobic activities that trainees can do. Please keep in mind that as your cardio improves so will your
weight training. Reason being, one's endurance levels will increase, thus giving you more energy to train!

Train hard, but smart!

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer