Late night eating

You may try to drink water)
I would recommend you to avoid midnight eating. If you are hungry before your bed, it means that you have to correct your diet plan.
Pay attention to your lunch.


Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
Depends on what your goals are, weight loss, muscle gain...Personally, since I'm always trying to put on more muscle, I will eat unsalted peanuts or cashews with cottage cheese...the casein helps to feed your muscles through the night. Not the most appetizing, but it gets the job done.

Aesthetic Agonist

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I'd agree with the casein recommendation for sure. It drip feeds protein to the muscle over a longer duration so offsets the lack of eating while asleep. Don't be afraid to throw in some carbs too - they release serotonin which'll help you sleep.