Push up variations

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
It is an honor to post articles for my friends at Greatest Physiques. I hope everyone's workouts are
going great!

Just wanted to illustrate 2 push up variations that could benefit members. All you need is a bench.
Obviously, no weights are required.

The first variation works the upper chest. Place your feet on top of a flat bench. Then proceed to do
push ups from this angle. 1-2 warm up sets will suffice, followed by 2-3 sets of 8-12 (more if you
have the strength).

The last variation works the lower chest. Place your hands on top of a flat bench. Then proceed to do
the same protocol. Remember to always breathe!

Try this method and get back to me telling me how you felt. Your feedback would prove invaluable!

Train hard, but smart!

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer