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I know the importance of rest days. But due to life (getting a new house), I have been expecting the next day, every day, to not be able to workout. So, in turn, I've doubled up some days, worked out every day, then things get delayed with the house, and I've ended up not getting that rest day for about 2 weeks straight. I just never know when I won't be able to workout, so I fear taking a rest day. Am I doing that much damage by not resting yet? I'm not losing any strength, and it's helping me keep my sanity during this stressful event, so is it ok to keep this up, just for another couple of weeks?
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@Amanda absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, it's a common practice in athletic populations to increase total training load over a short period - it's called functional overreaching.

Good coaches will use this system in the build up to an event. Even if your strength decreases a little during these intense phases I wouldn't worry too much. Because once you do add rest in your body will 'supercompensate' (improve).

The only time you need to force some rest into an overreaching phase is if performance dips 'significantly'. as well as a change in your mood or sleep. That's a sign that your overreaching is becoming 'non-functional'.

So basically, carry on. And enjoy :)