Shoulders like boulders

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I hope everyone at Greatest Physiques are doing great! This is Robert Wilson. I would like to impart some shoulder
training knowledge that could make a big improvement in building up one's deltoids. In case any of you don't
know what the deltoid muscles are, these 3 distinct muscles comprise the shoulder complex. The first being the
anterior (frontal delts) , the medial (middle delts) and lastly the posterior (rear delts).

Unfortunately, many trainees don't understand that all of these muscles must be worked equally, or else an
incomplete look can result. A case in point. When doing exercises like bench presses, incline presses etc........
the frontal delts are heavily taxed causing an imbalance when compared to the other 2 delts. If a trainee
has his/her eyes on competition, this imbalance must be addressed.

How many times have you heard that when working out one must build a solid foundation. I don't argue
with such advice. My suggestion would be to use basic compound exercises e.g. the clean and press,
the military press, the dumbbell press, the machine press, the Arnold press etc........ Keep in mind that
these compound movements do little for the posterior (rear delts). This can be remedied by doing
seated rear deltoid raises and or rear pec deck flies.

When you have sufficient mass, it is time to chisel that mass by using more isolation exercises, such as
front dumbbell raises, side lateral raises and the aforementioned two rear delt movements. If you
find there is an imbalance e.g. too much frontal delts, just cut back on the front dumbbell raises.

I hope you will benefit from my knowledge. In time, boulder shoulders can be yours.

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer