Try rep tempo

Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I would like to welcome the members from Greatest Physiques. I was just studying an article on back training.
One particular exercise that intrigued me was the front lat machine pull down. I have used this movement as a
staple in my back workouts, albeit different from what I read. The front lat machine pull down was performed
by me in the following manner: The bar was grasped with a wide grip at the top for 2 warm up sets of 12 reps.
Prior to this I stretched each lat muscle holding on to a pole for a nice easy stretch. Then proceeded with 3 sets
of 12-15 reps. The cadence (speed) was slow. When bringing the bar down it touched my upper chest as the
bar paused in this position. During this downward phase I would consciously pull my upper back muscles
down and back. This was then followed by raising the bar to full extension and feeling a good stretch.

The article was not specific as I have alluded to, yet it was unique in that the first half of the movement was
done as I have prescribed, however the last portion of the exercise was in direct contrast i.e. a faster cadence
(speed) or looser form. This is done to work both muscle fiber types i.e. slow twitch and fast twitch. Although
the latter part of this movement is fast, don't go too fast in that you lose feeling in the muscles being trained!

At my next back workout I will try this method and see how the results feel.

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer