Robert Wilson

Bodybuilder/Fitness Model
I hope everyone at Greatest Physiques are doing great! This is Robert Wilson.

When building the body of your dreams one must consider balanced muscle groups. One prime example are the upper
legs. A lot of trainees really focus on the quadriceps, while paying lip service to their hamstrings. If a more balanced
physique is to be attained, the back of the upper legs need equal attention. Proof of this was in the Olympics. Sprinters
would over work the quads and do very little hamstring training. The result muscle cramps. The sprinters who experienced
this pain were not able to complete the race. Take it from me. I used to be a sprinter and the pain was intense!

When doing exercises like squats, leg presses, hack squats and front squats the hamstrings are worked to some degree,
mind you the quads, lower back and glutes are the prime movers.

To focus on the hamstrings, movements such as stiff legged dead lifts (this term is misleading as the exercise should be done
with a bend in the knees to protect the lower back from injury), leg curls, seated leg curls, good mornings etc.......

My point is to pay attention to these opposing muscle groups and a more balanced physique can be yours!

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer