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Prior to doing the arm chair push ups, make sure to warm up and stretch!

Robert Wilson

Former Personal Trainer
Awesome, Robert. Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for variations to my workouts.
I've been bulking for 10 weeks, and I'm so ready to cut! I ate more "dirty" meals this time and I can feel it. Yech!
My apologies Amanda, my computer is not working at optimal levels. Anyway, continuing from the chair
push ups article, remember to always breathe. Also, the exercise should be done with a medium cadence
(medium pace).

Just to inform you, the following day my inner and upper chest was sore. The day after that this soreness was
worse. I hope you try this movement Amanda. I recommend 2-3 sets of 8-10.
Eh Amanda, Robert Wilson here! I hope all is well! How is your training going? I tried this unique body weight
exercise. All you need is an arm chair. Very easy. Place both hands on each arm rest with a neutral grip (hands
facing each other), then move your legs back one to two steps. Okay Amanda, now your ready to do chair
push ups. I did 3 sets of 12, followed by 1 set of 20, and finally 1 set of 25.
Thank you Amanda for informing me about testosterone replacement. Actually, I just purchased a natural testosterone
supplement from GNC called MR-T testosterone catalyst. The company directions are as follows: Take 4 capsules in
the morning on an empty stomach. This dosage is for non-workout days. For workout days the instructions are
take 4 capsules approx. 20-30 minutes prior to working out.
Good, Robert, I hope it helps. Even I take a testosterone booster! I use M-Test...3 capsules in the am and 3 capsules 12 hours later. Let me know if you notice any improvements.
Eh Amanda, it's Robert Wilson. Thank you for asking about my elbow joint. It seems to be 100% now. However, if any
pain starts, I will stop!

Amanda, this past September 24 my workout consisted of calves and chest. I was disappointed with my routine because
my strength levels were down. Having to contend with type 2 diabetes, the medication I'm on lowers my testosterone
levels. The result, being weaker.
Glad to hear your elbow has healed.
I know you hate being weaker...have you considered testosterone replacement? I know someone who has to take a shot once a week due to low T and it helps him out in the gym too.